Freed Suweida hostages raise Syria’s Assad onto their shoulders (Video)

On Tuesday, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was received great praise by former hostages who were very recently freed from ISIS captivity by the Syrian Army in a daring rescue operation.

The event took place at the Presidential Palace in Damascus. Also present where the families of the former hostages and Druze elders.

The visitors were natives to the eastern countryside of Suwaida province, that in late July of this year witnessed a brutal ISIS attack in which at least 200 people were killed and almost thirty others – all Druze women and children – taken into captivity by the terrorist group.

Less than a week ago, the Syrian Army launched a snatch-and-grab operation that led to the recovery of the hostages (who were reportedly being held in the Homs desert). Prior to this, about six had been released by ISIS. At least one of the hostages was executed during the three and a half month ordeal.


Celebrating families literally lifted Assad onto their shoulders amid a wave praise in what was a very euphoric atmosphere.

During the visit, the Syrian President emphasized before the former hostages, their families and Druze elders that patriotism exists not only in words, but also in action and that the highest form of patriotism is defense of one’s homeland.

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